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The Exclusif Download Store is especially for Business Owners: Solopreneurs, Artists, Freelancers and Professionals. It is geared to help improve business efficiency, personal development, spiritual development and to promote family and community.


Our mission is to be a conduit for life-changing media. It is to be global leader in producing and promoting quality, affordable, personalized and purposeful entertainment and events with excellence and professionalism for those who want to be inspired creatively. To present and develop the uniqueness of each talent. To offer our employees, contractors and interns continual advanced opportunities, and to retain a steady financially stable, growing company.

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Denise Joyner is the Owner / Founder & Executive Producer of Exclusif Entertainment. She started EEWB TV Web Broadcasting Network (a division of Exclusif Entertainment), Joyner also started Nightstand Publications, another division under Exclusif Entertainment. She is also a writer, actress, instructor, publisher and videographer as well as an Executive Producer & Producer of theater, television and film.